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The History and Theory of Interiors: Design and Production (NOT OFFERED IN FALL/WINTER 2011-12)
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
Prerequisite: 7.5 credits, including 1.0 credit of second-year liberal studies (including 0.5 VISC credit).
This course examines the history and theory of interior design between the seventeenth century and the present. Beginning with the lavish interiors of the Baroque and Rococo, we will explore the Neoclassical and Gothic revivals of the 18th and 19th centuries, the rise of the bourgeois dwelling, the Victorian interior, art nouveau and early modernist interiors, the mid-century suburban interior, and late modern interior design. This course considers the designed interior as a key site of formal experiment, marketing and consumption, and social relations, and we will explore historical case studies alongside theoretical perspectives from psychoanalysis, feminism, Marxism, and phenomenology.
Anti-requisite: Students who have taken ACAD 3B36 or VISC 3B36 may not take this course for further credit.
Notes: Revised title and description 2010-11

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