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History of Design: Classical Studies (NOT OFFERED IN 2009-2010)
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
Prerequisite: 3.0 credits of first-year studio and 1.0 credit of first-year liberal studies, including the first year writing course with a minimum passing grade of 60%, and an overall average of 60%.
(NOT OFFERED IN 2009-2010)
Beginning with 450 BC, students study the history of Classicism, both as a stylistic and a structural process. Starting with Greece, Rome and the Byzantine world, students explore classical revivals of the Renaissance and Neo-classicism, to the Eclectic and Romantic Classicism of the 19th century and on to the various forms the style has taken in the 20th century. A variety of design aspects are also investigated, including urban planning, architecture, interior design and the applied arts.
Anti-requisite: Students who have taken ACAD 2B21 or ACAD 3B29 may not take this course for further credit.
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